I have been a space buff since 1959, when NASA [the National Aeronautics and Space Administration] introduced the Mercury Seven astronauts to the world. These were the first Americans chosen to fly into space. Over the years, I have watched amazing feats and tragic disasters. Men bringing rocks back from the Moon. Men and women living in Earth orbit for months at a time. Three fatal NASA disasters and some near misses. Unmanned probes collecting atmospheric data and photographing planets throughout our solar system … and beyond.

        For the true space enthusiast, reading news accounts of such adventures is not enough. We need details. We want to be involved. We want to participate.

         That is why I wrote The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List: 100 Space Things to Do Before You Die. The book describes my vision of the most intriguing and satisfying activities to complete my fascination with space exploration. Some are simple, even silly. Some are time consuming or expensive. Destinations are located in the United States, but similar or analogous destinations can be found abroad.

         This website is an extension of my book. Join me and other space buffs by sharing your favorite experiences and aspirations!

Credit: TheBrockenInaGlory
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